As a company we are passionate about the planet and treading as softly upon it as possible in our mission to bring you the fine dining experience at home. We are helped in this mission by our partnership with WasteLESS Consulting. Here are some of our the things we are doing.


Where possible we purchase our food package free or without plastic packaging.

We work with independent suppliers for our meat and fish which allows us to usually buy unpackaged goods.

Food Waste

We are always looking for ways to reinvent our food waste within our menus to become ingredients for other dishes.

All unavoidable food waste is sent for composting.


We have contracts in place to ensure we are using 100% green electricity by November 2019. This is once our current contract ends.

Cleaning Materials

We use environment friendly washing up liquid and hard surface cleaner from Zenith Hygenie which comes in recycled packaging.

We use reusable cloths and sponges which are cleaned and sanitised at high temperatures.

Table Linen

We have a range of placemats and napkins which have repurposed unwanted denim material.

WasteLESS Consulting was created to help companies realise their visions of sustainable business. We will help you to take a step back from your operations and identify ways you can optimise them to be better for you and better for the environment.Concerns about the environment are increasingly moving the forefront of peoples minds and in particular the younger generations who are now taking up roles of influence in companies and as consumers holding a huge collective purchasing ability.

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