Do It Yourself Dining

Starting from 11th July 2020 you can now enjoy cooking an Inspires Dining dinner at home for your bubble and beyond. 

We have specialised in home dining since we launched in early last year. When we come to your homes and cook, nearly all the preparation is done in our HQ kitchen and then we take the elements and finish off the dishes in your kitchens (which is why we always look super chilled). IDIY is based on that concept; we will do all the planning and preparing for you, you just need to finish it off and plate it up, which is the fun bit. This is basically how restaurants have operated for years and we have used our industry experience of cooking in restaurants alongside teaching people to cook to create IDIY for you. 

What to expect from you IDIY meal. 

  • A three course restaurant standard meal (with some little extra bits) 
  • Ingredients that have been carefully sourced, using local suppliers 
  • Well thought out dishes focusing on flavour, quality and minimal waste. 
  • Easy to use online instructions (can be downloaded to print if you so wish)
  • Minimal packaging that will be either reusable or recyclable. 
  • Delivery to your door on a Friday. 

How an IDIY meal works 

Ok, so we said that that we will do most of the prep and leave the reheating and finishing touches to you, but what does that actually mean? 

In your bag elements of your dishes will be packaged differently. You will find small pots of garnish and other dry ambient ingredients. The best bit which will be the purees, proteins and sauces will have all been vacuumed packed ready to heat via your own sous vide method. You may have seen on cookery programmes chefs using the sous vide method, it is where an ingredient is placed in a vacuum packed bag and reheated in a bath of water. This technique is a great way to heat food without loosing any moisture or flavour and it is fairly foolproof. 

We will provide you will a time plan so you know when to do what, so you just need to follow that and add some creative flair when plating up. 

Each menu will have a difficulty rating. We understand what is easy to one person is not for another but if something is rating 1 fork then even the most novice cook should be able to cook the meals with relative ease. 

Click the link below to see the latest menu. Orders need to be placed via our shop by 5pm Monday and will be delivered on a Friday afternoon.