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Cooking instructions:
Place the pie in the case on a tray, they have been egg washed (except the vegan pies) but for extra golden pastry you can add another layer (or if you are veggie not vegan you can add). Cook in the oven at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes until the pastry is golden and filling is piping hot.

To serve: Remove from the oven and wait a minute or so before carefully removing the hot pie from the case and popping on a plate.

Storage: Keep pies refrigerated. They can be frozen in the baking paper they are wrapped in on delivery. Ensure they are fully defrosted before baking and eat on the day of defrost. They are not suitable for reheating once cooked.

Use by: pies need to be eaten or frozen no later than the day after delivery.

Chicken and stuffing: Milk, gluten, egg, sulphites, nuts
Beef Ragu: Milk, egg, celery, sulphite and gluten
Mushroom ands spinach: Milk, egg, gluten
Chicken and chestnut mushroom: Milk, gluten, egg
Chickpea and spinach curry: Gluten
Butternut squash curry: gluten, nuts
Beef and Pickled Onion: Milk, egg, celery, sulphite, soy, gluten
Turkey and stuffing: Milk, gluten, egg, nuts
Nut Roast: gluten, nuts, soy, celery, peanuts,
Pea and smoked gammon: Milk, gluten, egg
Apple & pear crumble tart: Gluten, diary, egg
Meatball: Gluten, Dairy, celery, sulphites, egg
Mushroom & pear barley: dairy, gluten, celery, soya, egg
Chicken & bombay potato: gluten, dairy, celery, egg
Lamb Curry: gluten, dairy, egg
Mushroom & wild garlic: gluten, dairy, egg,


  1. Place the fondant in the oven on a baking tray for 14 minutes
  2. Take the fondant out of the oven and rest for 2 minutes on a cooling rack 
  3. After two minutes, carefully turn upside down in the mould onto a side plate 
  4. After the two minutes remove the mould, it should come off easily if not, use a knife to loosen the edges. 
  5. Here comes the brave part…you can either…lift and place the fondant upside down onto your plate…or…we think it looks better if you lift, flip and place. 

Fondants can be frozen, defrost completely before cooking
Allergens: egg, dairy, nuts, soya

Our products are made using only the best quality, responsibly sourced ingredients. We are proud to use produce from the awesome locally suppliers, Smith and Clay Butchers and AB Fruits.

Delivery areas are Buckingham (and surrounding villages) and Milton Keynes. For further away please contact us.

Pies are delivered oven or freezer ready. They will need to be refrigerated consumed or frozen at latest the next day.

Taster meals will be need to be refrigerated, cannot be frozen and cannot be reheated once prepared.

Unfortunately at this time we do not have the capacity to process individual orders for specific dietary requests.

All packaging is either reusable or recyclable, so help us, help the planet by disposing of this responsibly.