IDIY – Menu One Instructions

 Before you start…

We recommend you familiarise yourself with these instructions and get all your equipment and your favourite drink ready. 

The whole meal takes approximately 45 minutes not including breaks to eat your courses, so take your time. 

Pouches go in the water as they are, sealed. If they go in for a little extra time, it will not harm them, just don’t boil them. 

Please take loads of pictures and tag us @inspires_dining and use the #idiy 

REMEMBER –this is meant to be fun, so please don’t stress it. Take your time.


Saucepan of hot water (not quite simmering) 

Preheated oven to 180 degrees 

Oven tray 


Side tray for hot items 


Wooden spoon/spatula 



Chef Snack – Orange dots

1 Black garlic cheese straw 

2 Carrot ketchup 

Fun fact: the ingredients in the ketchup were harvested from our allotment in Buckingham, we used the wonky carrots so they will not be wasted. 

Starter – Cheese Soufflé – Yellow dots 


1 Cheese souffle 

2 Cheese sauce 

3 Granola 

4 Salsa 

How to Prepare 

  • Place cheese sauce (2) in your pan of water 
  • Tip the cheese soufflé on a baking tray on the paper provided, put in the oven, set a timer for 5 minutes 
  • Eat your chef’s snack and top up your drink 
  • When the timer is done using tongs remove the bag of cheese sauce from the water, cut the corner and squeeze out the sauce into the middle of the plate. 
  • Remove the soufflé from the oven and place on the sauce. 
  • Spoon the salsa and sprinkle the granola around the soufflé

Fun fact: the “sous vide” technique you are using to heat the sauce in the pouches of water is used by top restaurants all around the world, it translates to “under vacuum”.  Use it in a sentence to impress your friends.

Main – Confit Pork Belly – Red dots 


1 Pork belly 

2 Fondant potato 

3 Celeriac puree 

4 Jus pouch 

5 Pickled cherries 

How to prepare:

  • Open the pork belly (1) tub and liberally sprinkle the skin with salt. 
  • Place on your oven tray on the paper provided skin side up, put into the oven, set a timer for 10 minutes. 
  • After the 10 minutes, take the tray out, carefully using tongs flip the belly over, add the fondant potato (2) to the baking tray using the paper provided, put into the oven and set a timer for 10 minutes. 
  • After 10 minutes, place the celeriac (3) and jus pouch (4) into your water, set a timer for 10 minutes. 
  • When the timer is done, take everything out of the oven and check it is piping hot, leave to the side to rest. 
  • Carefully remove the celeriac and jus pouch from the water and leave on the tray a moment to dry. 
  • Snip open the celeriac side of the pouch (you might need to hold it with a cloth) and squeeze into the centre of the plate, use the back of your spoon to make it into a circle if you want to be chefy about it! 
  • Using tongs pop the belly and the fondant on top of the puree 
  • Snip the jus side of the pouch and pour it over the fondant 
  • Spoon on the pickled cherries (5) in a fancy pants kind of way 

Fun fact: the pork belly has been slowly cooked for 12 hours overnight which is why it is super tender and will melt in your mouth 

Main – Mushroom Pearl Barley Risotto – Green dots 


1 Pearl barley risotto 

2 Mushroom jus

3 Mushroom suet log 

4 Parmesan and chives 

5 Balsamic pearls 

6 Parmesan crisp

How to prepare: 

  • Place suet log (3) on a baking tray on the paper provided, put the risotto (1) and jus (2) in the water and set a timer for 10 minutes
  • With tongs carefully remove the risotto from the water. 
  • Cut the top corner of the risotto bag and add to the mushrooms, add the parmesan and chives (4)
  • Stir until combined, then take off the heat.
  • Take your log out of the oven and using the tongs place on your plate. 
  • Spoon the risotto and mushroom mixture onto the plate 
  • Carefully remove your bag of jus from the water with tongs, cut the corner and pour over the risotto. 
  • Using a t-spoon scatter the balsamic pearls (5) over the risotto 
  • Add your parmesan crisps (6) any which way you like! 

Fun fact: the wild mushrooms in the risotto are grown domestically by The Mushroom Man at Covent Garden market. 

Dessert – Eton mess – White dots 


1 Pimm’s poached strawberries 

2 Elderflower and gooseberry curd 

3 Pistachio daquoise sponge 

4 Meringue 

How to prepare: 

Time to be creative…it is Eton mess so really there are no rules, but we would probably say to put the curd and strawberries on first.

Fun fact: the gooseberries for the curd were picked from a friends allotment in Newport Pagnell and the elderflower was picked and preserved from Sarah’s sister’s garden. 


Save for later if you can but we won’t judge you if have eaten it before now!