Inspires Dining is based in Buckinghamshire and was born from a passion for food and sharing that with others. 

A chef gets the most pleasure from making people happy with food and at Inspires Dining we want not only share the experience with you, but give you the tools to be able to do this yourself.

With years of commercial experience in high quality hotels and restaurants, you can be guaranteed that this level of training has transferred to our private business.

Food safety and quality is our top priority which is why we have a 5 star hygiene rating and we are fully insured.

We take pride in sourcing the best quality ingredients from trusted industry suppliers whom we have a great relationship with.

We are committed to minimising our impact on the planet by reducing waste and planning our menus seasonally and creatively. We also took time to ensure all our packing for our online shop products is purposeful as well as reusable or recyclable.

In addition to all this, our full time job is training young people at a local college in our award winning restaurant. We believe this is the most amazing, inclusive, diverse industry in the world and we want to share that with the future generation.

Basically, in short, we work really hard to ensure we provide you an awesome customer experience, whilst cooking responsibly.

Most importantly though, because we do things properly, we have a lot of fun and ultimately we just love what we do!